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Commercial test and tagging – office , retail businesses large and small, to multi site testing projects, contact us today!

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    Email - info@unitedelectricalservices.com.au

  • Commercial test and tag Melbourne City

    Looking for Commercial test and tag specialist in Melbourne - We test all office electrical equipment to server rooms and emergency lighting and exit lighting. Our test and tag licensed electricians in Melbourne can provide safety switch testing and installation to protect your communal kitchens for your Retail store, Office or bushiness our test and tag team supply the latest in commercial electrical testing services whenever you need us,

    United Test And Tag operate 24 house and 7 days a week. United Electrical Services are a forward thinking established company of Electricians in Melbourne. We are highly skilled commercial testing with experience in commercial test and tag contracting. Our company specializes in all aspects of commercial test and tag services.

  • Commercial test and tag services

    It is important to get the right advise for your commercial test and tag project using our electrical testing team, we can save you money and time by doing our job right the first time. United Electrical Services backs this up with our reputable guarantee, so you can be rest assured that your receiving the right advice, Click here for Fixed price quote and drop off point.

    United Electrical Services have been serving Melbourne for many years and have become a trusted electrical contractor that are local to all Melbourne homes and business. With local knowledge and specialists in test and tag solutions backed by a trusted guarantee you start to understand why so many home owners and business rely on our test and tag services in Melbourne.

    All work performed buy United Electrical Services is according to AS/NZS 3760 and AS/NZS 3000 rules and Registered with Energy Safe Victoria

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